WebRTC Audio/Video Codecs

WebRTC Video Codecs VP8 VP9 H264/AVC constrained AV1 (AOMedia Video 1) Stats for video based media stream track Non WebRTC supported Video codecs H.263 H.265 / HEVC WebRTC Audio Codecs Opus AAC G.711 (PCMA and PCMU) G.722 iLBC iSAC Speex AMR-WB  DTMF and ‘audio/telephone-event’ media type Stats for Audio Media track DataChannel Stats for Datachannel … Continue reading WebRTC Audio/Video Codecs

Unified Plan SDP format in WebRTC

Until recently a customised or property extension could signal multiple media streams within an m-section of an SDP and experiment with media-level “msid” (Media Stream Identifier ) attribute used to associate RTP streams that are described in different media descriptions with the same MediaStreams. However, with the transition to a unified plan, they will experience … Continue reading Unified Plan SDP format in WebRTC

WebRTC CPaaS ( Communication Platform as a Service )

CPasS ( communication platform as a service ) is cloud based communication platform that provides real time communication capabilities. This should be easily integrable with any given external environment or application of the customer, without him worrying about building backend infrastructure or interfaces .

Session Border controller for WebRTC

SBC became important part of comm systems developed over SIP and MGCP. SBC offer B2BUA ( Back to Back user agent) behavior to control both signalling and media traffic.

Setting up ubuntu ec2 t2 micro for webrtc and socketio

Setting up a ec2 instance on AWS for web real time communication platform over nodejs and socket.io using WebRTC . Primarily a Web Call , Chat and conference platform uses WebRTC for the media stream and socketio for the signalling . Additionally used technologies are nosql for session information storage , REST Apis for getting sessions details to third parties.

WebRTC App and webpage Security

WebRTC Security
Identity Management ,
Browser Security ,
Authentication and
Media encryption.
Browser Threat Model
Best practices for the Webrtc comm agents
ICE TURN challenges

Streaming / broadcasting Live Video call to non webrtc supported browsers and media players

As the title of this article suggests I am going to pen my attempts of streaming / broadcasting Live Video WebRTC call to non WebRTC supported browsers and media players such as VLC , ffplay , default video player in Linux etc. Some of the high level archietctures for streaming Webrtc Video to multiple endpoints … Continue reading Streaming / broadcasting Live Video call to non webrtc supported browsers and media players

Steps for building and deploying WebRTC solution

Error in connectivity , errors in console , blank video are the problems that might appear . So well err things begin to get a bit complicated from here . To bypass network firewalls , corporate net policies , UDP blocks and filters we require a TURN server .

WebRTC Media Streams and Quality metrics

Media Stream Tracks in WebRTC Video Streams Video Capture insync with hardware’s capabilities Capture Resolution SDP attributes for resolution, frame rate, and bitrate Dynamic FPS control based on actual hardware encoding Stream Orientation Audio Streams Audio Level GAIN calculation Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) SDP signaling and negotiation for media plane Media Source Peer-to-Peer Media Stream Frames … Continue reading WebRTC Media Streams and Quality metrics

WebRTC SIP / IMS solution

We started in winters on 2012 with Webrtc . At time time it just looked like a new tech jargon that might fade away when new ones comes . In many many WebRTC’s buzz has died down since its massive adoption. But i nevertheless still see a lot of potential and development around it. What … Continue reading WebRTC SIP / IMS solution