WebRTC SIP / IMS solution

We started in winters on 2012 with Webrtc . At time time it just looked like a new car design that might fade away when new ones comes .

What really is WebRTC ? I made an entry on it  here .

Around nov – dec 2012 , team and I spend the time learning the nitty grities of HTML5 based media operation and Javascript sip stack of SIPML. I remeber toward the end of the year ie before Christmas , We were done with the explanation and education aspects of WebRTC , a technology that will revolutionize communication in ages to come , at-least so says the numerous other blogs ,  and documents i read so far .

The flow between

client BOB -> webrtc2sip Gateway -> SIP server -> client Alice

can be  understood with the callflow of a simple SIP Invite initiated from one html page towards another which passes through the configuration of gateway to IMS world ,  SIP Telecom Application server , Database , nodes of IMS environment etc.

For the purpose of a simple Explanation a simplified call flow ca be depicted as ,


A very high level architecture of solution deployment in IMS world could be

solution arch2

As the solution matures into a full fleshed project . The alpha version has been released with the following feature set . The WebRTC platform Suite offers a easily deploy-able solution to enable communication

Alpha Release WebRTC platform Suite

  • Single Sign On
    •  Login with id and password to access all services
  • Audio / Video Call
    •      Call Hold / Call Transfer
  • Messaging:
    •      SIP Instant Messaging
    •      Message to Facebook Messenger
    •      Message delivered as Email
  • Chatroom :
    • group chat between multiple users . Room is created for set of users .
  • Video Conferencing :
    • video chat between multiple parties . Room is created for set of users .
  • File Transfer :
    • Sharing of files from local to remote , in peer-to-peer and broadcasting fashion .
  • Third party Webservices :
    • Widgets like calendar , weather , stocks , twitter are embedded.
  • Visual Voice Mail :
    • Record and deliver voice message to recipients voice mail inbox which can be accessed/ played from web client .
  • Phonebook :
    •      cloud integration
    •      add new entries
    •      add photos to contacts identity
    •      import contacts from google account
  • Click to Call :
    •      Drop down list of contacts form mail call console
    •      2 step Click to call from Phonebook
  •  Presence :
    •      Publish online / offline status
    •      Use Subscribe / notify requests of SIP
  • WS to SIP Gateway :
    • Conversion between the signal coming from the  WebRTC  and SIP client  to the  IMS core
    • Conversion of  “voice/video ” media  between sRTP and RTP
    • Conversion of other media (data channel) towards MSRP and Transcoding.
  • Support of ICE procedure .
    • Implementation of a STUN server. 
    • QoS Support  


  • Logs :
    •      calls logs
    •      Message logs
  • User Profile :
    •      user details like address , email and social networking accounts
    •      Phonenumber for GSM integration through SMS
    •      User’s Media storage like Pictures , profile picture , Audio , video
    •      File sharing documents storage for future access in the same format
  • Real Time and Offline Analytics
    • service usage with graphical and tabular history  trends
  • Session Management :
    •       Single Sign-on
    •       Forgot password regeneration using secure question
    •       Registration of new user account
    •       Logout and clearance of session parameters
  • Security :
    •      No redirection to any page through url entry without valid session
    •      No going back to home page after logout by back button on browser
    •      No data vulnerability
    •      Multiple login through different devices handled
  • OAuth :
    •      Login via IMAP / token through facebook and Google
  • Phonebook with Presence functionality inbuild .
  • Directory Service based on country / region
  • Geolocation of approximate location detection of device logged in and visibility to  others

webrtc solution

WebRTC client deployment view , accessible devices , network elements

WebRTC deploymenet overview and inetraction with other network elemets such as gateway , cloud storage ,  sipserver , IMS

WebRTC deploymenet overview and inetraction with other network elemets such as gateway , cloud storage , sipserver , IMS


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