thoughts on a Fullproof communication platform

How easier would it be if there was a infrastructure that could connect all devices all communication protocols , old legacy PSTN phones , vOIP  ones like  SIP all the PBXs of the worlds , GSM handsets even the very new WebRTC .

I have assembled my thoughts of a ideal communication platform in this blog-post , it involves GSM PLMN PBX IP with their respective gateways , meeting at a particular point which understand all protocols and provides a single registry service for telecom network operations like OSS , BSS ( I haven’t gone into too much of those details , since it spoils the fun ) .


GSM PLMN PBX IP webrtc h323

Embedding a bit from NGN ( next generation network) , since I like the concept of softswitch ( Signalling gateway +   Media Gateway controller )  .

All the above should connect to an IP network . why ? Because the future lies in IP telephony . Also because it becomes easier to make provisioning system for the admin to add new policies , review real-time statistics and for the users to avail new servers and customize their services settings any time .


Ofcourse there will arise codec inter- operability issue s, firewall ICE issues so on … yet all great inventions start with an idea , dont they 🙂

One thought on “thoughts on a Fullproof communication platform

  1. there might be flaws in this diagram since its mostly an ideal hypothetical representation . More detailed description and architectures are available in other sections

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