IPTV ( Internet Based Television ) and VOD ( Video on Demand)

We know the power of Internet protocol suit as it takes on the world of telecom . Alreday half of Communication has been transferred from legacy telecom signalling protocols like SS7 to IP based communication ( Skype , Hangouts , whatsapp , facebook call ) . The TV service providers too are largely investing in IP based systems like SIP and IMS to deliver their content over Telecom’s IP based network ( Packet switched ).


A consumer today wants HD media content anytime anywhere . The traditional TV solutions just dont match upto the expectations anymore . The IPTV provider in todays time must make investments to deliver content that is media-aware, and device-aware. Not only this it should be  personal, social, and interactive . After all its all about user  experience.

Few popular applications for IPTV solutions developers are

  • Menu overlay with detailed description of channels , categories , programs , movies
  • Replay option also referred to as timeshift . It allows a user to pause , resume and  record the show in his absence and view it later
  • Video on demand which concerns paying and viewing music albums , movies etc on demand
  • Live streaming of events such as president speech , tennis match etc .

Application that can be build around the IPTV context

  • Record and Playback content
  • Information overlay on streaming content
  • Social networking services integrated with IPTV content
  • Parental Control to realtime view , monitor and control what your child is watching on the IPTV
  • Watch the surveillance  footage from IP cameras anywhere
  • Real time communication on IPTV  with advanced features like call continuity , content sync .

Video On Deamnd ( VoD)

Video on demand using Adaptive Multirate dispatch using AWS Transcoder

  1. HTML5 webpage on chrome browser for WebRTC input

It contains the client side script to record the video and send the blob to server side for processing . 

  1. Amazon EC2 instance

The amazon ec2 instance hosts the web interface for login and video recording . It converts the incoming blob / webm format to mp4  . After the video conversion it uploads the video mp4 to s3 bucket. 

  1. Amazon S3 bucket

The s3 bucket is connected to the transcoder via pipeline and holds the video storage as well . 

  1. Amazon transcoder

The transcoder provides adaptive multirate dispatch on viewer access .  

  1. RDS for any mysql storage ( optional )

Optional for record keeping credentials ,  storage links  , linked information etc .