Features set JAINSLEE vs SIP/J2EE

Feature Set JAINSLEE vs SIP/J2EE
Portability Portability of JAINSLEE is limited to number of available applications servers on the market.
Complexity 1) SIP Servlet components handle directly SIP signaling, there is no abstraction layer so there is no loss in network features. 2) If a comparison between SIP Servlets and JAIN SLEE is made it can be said that JAIN SLEE is a more complex specification than SIP Servlets and it seems that JAIN SLEE has not gained much support in the SDP industry which has been dominated by servers running J2EE.
Protocol Agnosticism Lagre number of protocols are supported in JAINSLEE using resource adapters.
Failure Handling JAINSLEE uses ACID (Atomicity,Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) properties of transactions and features of the SLEE programming model for failure handling.
Network Abstraction Capability JAINSLEE define a high level API that developers must use to access network resources.
Expandibility Expandability means whether the technology supports the addition of new protocol stack into the SDP.For that purpose the technology must provide a sort of plug-in architecture.
Flexibility Flexibility is high or low depending on the level of abstraction of network protocols.

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