Few of the projects I have worked on

1. WebRTC Soft Turret Client for Trading Floors for UK Service Provider

Customer Profile

British Telecom  – (Largest UK Service Provider)

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UK and in more than 170 countries worldwide.


  • Develop WebRTC based soft client to make audio and video calls from/to soft and hard turret.
  • No separate plug in should be required.
  • Session Establishment and communications on SIP Over Web socket transport protocol.


  • We opted for the browser based WebRTC API’s as a web communication technology to provide trading enterprise to take advantage for their business.
  • WebRTC does not use any additional plug ins for making calls from browser to browser neither does it required any installation . Hence requirement fulfilled .
  • BT required a POC solution which is free from any proprietary client or API technology.



  • HTML5 and WebRTC enabled Web Client :
    • Developed an open source HTML5 SIP client entirely written in javascript to make it light and to have easy integration with the SIP server. The media stack relies on WebRTC.
  • Proxy Server / WS to UDP Translator :
    • Used Freeware light SIP Server which acts like translator Engine to convert the SIP over WS message to SIP over UDP.  This enables initiating the call from the web Browser and terminating the call at the Hard-phone.
    • Soft Phone/ SIP Client : Boghe IMS client was used to act like Soft phone which supports the Audio Codec required to talk with web Client like PCMU And PCMA audio Codec.


  • No Installation
  • No Downloadable Client
  • No Plug in
  • No Proprietary Technology
  • Codecs Compatibility
  • Audio/Video Call
  • Messaging
  • File Sharing

Business benefits

  • Maximizes Business Relevancy
  • Reduces Time to Market
  • Ensures user Experience


2. Communications Client for AT&T

Customer Profile

AT&T – US Service Provider : AT&T is the second largest provider of mobile telephony and the largest provider of  fixed telephony  in the United States, and also provides broadband subscription television services


  • WebRTC Client
  • Soft Client for iOS (Apple iPad)
  • HTML5 Client for Windows
  • HTML5 Client for MAC


  • We proposed solution for the requirement of development of communication client having all the soft phone features including audio/video calling, messaging and integration with AT&T services Visual voice mail and IP messaging.
  • Agile method for implementation with presence at onshore, offshore and near-shore locations.




  • The ubiquity of the existing platform would act as solution accelerator and ensure superior product quality, faster time to market, low risk and optimized cost for service providers globally.
  • Cloud ready and ensures maximum reusability across platforms.
  • Compliance to industry standards -IMS, SIP, WebRTC (GSMA), W3C, IETF.
  • Solution includes features for Voice/Video 6 party conference, Major audio/video codecs, Instant messaging, File sharing, Geolocation, Integration with PSTN and IMS, social networking sites like – Facebook, Google.
  • Soft Client for iOS Communication Client provides voice chat, network address book, location sharing and viewing the map between the two locations. GSMA based REST APIs  provides a light weight client which can be integrated with minimal effort into existing framework.


  • Device compatibility
  • OS compatibility
  • Legacy Integration
  • IMS Integration
  • Codecs Compatibility
  • Audio/Video Call
  • Messaging
  • File Sharing

Business Benefits 

  • Maximizes Business Relevancy
  • Reduces Time to Market
  • Ensures user Experience


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