Internet Of Things ( IOT )  BLE BLE android BLE android application for adafruit arduino BLE app for cypress BLE Robotics Building a  Robot over IOT principles M2m Communication for Robot Rpi Remote machine control via Rpi IOT Surveillance with Arduino + Rpi +WebRTC RamuDroid RamuDroid Bot to clean roads and outdoors MQTT Paho Android … Continue reading IOT


Bot to clean roads and outdoors for a better and cleaner India. It lifts up small objects like plastic cups,wrappers,leaves etc. The droid also provides real-time camera stream and detects obstruction to re-route itself. It can communicates over GSM ,wifi and BLE . It can also be remote navigated via browsers or android. Working : … Continue reading RamuDroid

  Web RealTime Comm. ( WEBRTC) Internet Of Things ( IOT ) Live streaming & Broadcasting crtmpserver + ffmpeg Live 555 media Server GStreamer-1.8.1 rtsp server and client on ubuntu RealTime Transport protocol (RTP) and RTP control protocol (RTCP ) SIP conferencing and Media Bridges Audio/Video Analytics VOIP Call Metric Monitoring and MOS ( Mean Opinion Score) Audio … Continue reading


Fullstack VOIP , WebRTC and media Streams Engineer . I solve real world problems . Have build secure , fast , enterprise grade SDKs, platforms and applications over telephony, wireless communication and media streaming. I work with audio/video core libraries and drivers to perform video analytics and  ML both on server ( freeswthc , ffmpeg … Continue reading Altanai